Monday, 3 February 2014


Apparently this is old British naval slang for someone from the Nordic countries. Who knew? [Jane and Chris in Canada probably!] We seem to be absolutely beset by Scandiwegian stuff just lately.

the bridge

“The Bridge” finished on Saturday night. Utterly and totally miserable, I thought. They didn’t even have Sarah Lund’s lovely Nordic Sweaters to keep them warm! And who is left to come back for Series 3, or is there not going to be one? I’ve recorded [but have yet to watch] Channel 4’s Sunday night programme ‘Swedimania’

Yesterday I realised that we had a fair bit of Swedish stuff around.


I bought my Swedish IKEA drinking glasses for a couple of Christmases ago. I do like the red and white theme, and the star pattern

In October we were in the Swedish Clas Ohlsen store in Norwich. I treated myself to these


They were quite cheap [but do not like very hot plates!] and make  cheerful place settings for the table.  I’ve just been given a lovely wooden box with a Scandinavian design on the lid


No, not IKEA, not Ohlsen – but Waitrose! It held Christmas sweetmeats. I shall repurpose it for haberdashery notions.

Continuing the red/white theme – but not at all Scandi, here is my breakfast coffee from Saturday.


Bob made me a proper cappuccino, then dusted it with a cocoa powder heart*. Belgians can be so romantic sometimes!


I have great hopes for the new BBC 4 Saturday night Euro-cop drama.

Salamander is produced by Belgian TV, with dialogue in Dutch/Flemish, so it will be subtitled**.

Belgian it may be, but I suspect this one will have very little in common with these other two Belgian sleuths we know already


*he cut a stencil out of paper to get the right shape

**this is useful, as I know hardly any Flemish words


  1. i KNEW Scandiwegian was a word - I heard it somewhere and was trying to convince my dad he thought I was having a blonde moment but now I can direct him to this!!

  2. Sorry you didn't like The Bridge, I thought the series kept us thinking & really liked it. Apparently there will be a 3rd series, yet to be written, & expected out in Scandi in Autumn next year, so not sure when we will get it. Saga & Martin both expected to be in it. As it will be filmed in winter it's likely to be equally gloomy, but still thought provoking. I'm also looking forward to the new offering from BBC4 on that Saturday night slot. Vee x

    1. Thanks for all this helpful info about series 3. I did enjoy The Bridge - right up until the final episode, which just seemed overly miserable. It did keep us guessing!
      Hoping Salamander is equally enthralling

  3. Well, that bit of Naval slang passed us by!
    Jane x


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