Friday, 7 February 2014

Buttoned Up!

52 projects

Another one crossed off! “Repair Liz’s Lap Quilt”

quick_quilts_to_make_in_weekendBack in 1998, Liz made a lap quilt for a GCSE project. She found this book in the library [newly published, back then] and decided that she really liked the ‘Indigo’ quilt.That’s the top one on the cover picture [left]

Inevitably this mean purchasing fabric – the great Stash did not have the required materials. But the quilt was made [it took her longer than a weekend though]

Since then, it has lived on the blue sofa, and is wonderful for wrapping round my knees on cold evenings! But the design had twenty mismatched rectangles of various blue prints, with cream sashing in between – and every square had a button in each corner. These buttons were from my stash – an assortment of random white ones. Over the years, most of the buttons became detached and lost – and a hole appeared in one of the blue rectangles.IMG_1452

So I have patched the hole, and sewn on 80 matching buttons. I found that I had a bag of 100 blue/grey shirt buttons in my stash [where from? can’t remember! thank you, whoever gave them to me]



It’s been through the washing machine and looks much fresher. Bob thinks Liz may want it back now. If so, I shall return it at half term. There’s a good review of the Quilt book here.


  1. Great job. Well done on ploughing through the 52 projects list, and thankyou for the info on the quilting book. The refreshed quilt looks lovely, I'm also impressed with your ability to superimpose text on your photos - how did you do that? Sewing on 80 buttons sounds like a marathon effort in itself.
    Have a great day, Vee x

    1. I have only just learned to do the text thing - I use Picasa [it is free to download] to tidy up my pictures, and one button enables you to superimpose text, and move it round the picture. Check out Picasa - it is wonderfullyl useful, esp for hopeless photographers like me. It corrects all sorts of mistakes- but cannot put things into focus, or replace heads which have been cut off!!

  2. I love blue and white quilts, so fresh.
    80 buttons!!

  3. Angela, that's very nice! Good job at that resurrection :) I'm sure either Liz or you will enjoy it.

  4. I know exactly how you felt doing this one Angela.I made a tartan quilt for Ian a couple of years ago and used buttons to tie it together. Just 72 on that one though. I think there are currently about 20 of those in a pot on the fireplace waiting to be sewn back on again!!!

  5. What a lovely quilt! I stitched buttons at the corners of each square in the quilt I made for KL for Christmas. It was definitely a labour of love!


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