Saturday, 15 February 2014

Silks And Satins

Isn’t this the most gorgeous piece of cloth?


It is a lovely deep green fabric, machine-embroidered with silks in random pastel shades. It was in a bag of bits which my blogfriend Sandie gave me last year – and I have kept intending to find a use for it. So I put it on my list

52 projects

Then a friend came to church last week in a skirt, which she had made herself, from beautiful embroidered fabric and I thought Aha! I remembered this skirt I made six years ago

first one

This was using some cotton fabric I bought in London, and I cut the pattern from an old M&S skirt.

I bound the hem with purple satin bias binding from Button Boutique. This is one of my favourite summer skirts – the colours match so many different tee shirts!

So I made another one…

IMG_1479Same pattern, same format. Two pieces cut on the bias, sewed up at the sides,  no waistband- just a length of wide elastic stitched round the top and then folded over.  And the bottom edge hemmed with satin binding from BB again.IMG_1480

It is a warmer weight and will be a good skirt for the Spring. Thank you Sandie! Another project completed, and another length of cloth rescued from the Great Stash and repurposed!


  1. Both skirts are beautiful

  2. Really lovely skirt, the fabric is fantastic and the i would never have thought of sewing the satin around the bottom. It gives it such a professional finish.

  3. It's lovely and I am sure will prove as useful as your pretty summer one.

  4. What a lovely fabric. The skirt would dress up or down, very chic.

  5. Love the look of your new skirt!

  6. It is,lovely and v dressy and it would be nice to see it modelled! I've git some gorgeous cloud-like material I'd love to make into a dress! X

  7. that is just gorgeous and a super colour. The binding sets it off.

  8. I'm thrilled you were able to put it to good use, no one will have a skirt like it, at least not locally LOL!.
    Well done!

  9. You have inspired me to dig into my stash of fabrics and make those cushion covers, that already cut patchwork baby quilt, summer dress...the list goes on and on!

    Your skirts are lovely, very professional looking and the binding as a hem is a very nice touch.

  10. Well done, both skirts are lovely.

  11. That is a beautiful skirt,I imagine it hangs beautifully.
    Jane x

  12. Nice jobs, what beautiful garments!

  13. I like what you did with the satin binding and the fabric is lovely. Well done on yet another completed success.

  14. That's gorgeous fabric! Excellent job and selection on the pattern. I bet that skirt will be useful and adaptable.


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