Monday, 10 February 2014

Three Stars Will Shine Tonight

Still working away at the challenge of completing 52 Projects

52 projects

This one has been waiting an awful long time. My Mum died in 1991, and I had inherited her hot water bottle with its warm red cover. Over the years, I have replaced the hwb a couple of times – a leaky top and then a weak point in the rubber. But I kept the original cover, which gradually started to show signs of wear: The button came off ages ago, the buttonhole had a tear, and the side seams had started to undo. It was looking pretty sad really. I almost threw it out a few years ago…

IMG_1464But it was Mum’s and somehow comforting to cuddle on nights when I felt cold, or a bit under the weather. I mended all the damaged stitched and a couple of tiny holes. Then I printed out some trial phrases.


I chose the script style, and embroidered the message in pink thread. The photo isn’t clear – it is graduated in colour, going from white through to dark pink and back again. Then I added a moon and three stars.

Although I had the original button [covered in the same red fabric] I sewed on a vintage red one under the buttonhole, and two decorative ones as well.

I think Mum would have approved of the refurbishment. I put the three stars on because she used to love watching Dr Kildare – and this was the theme tune…


  1. I am sure your Mum would approve and love the way you have refurbished her hottie cover. Dr Kildare - now there's a blast from the past!!

  2. Wow it looks like new - I wish I had your skills.

  3. Lovely! That has encouraged me to have a look at my hwb too.

  4. Beautiful job. I'm so glad you decided to keep it. If I were you, it would definitely be a comfort on a cold night, a little bit like having her there to tuck you in :)

  5. It is beautiful, and very comforting to have a little something your mum once cuddled now cuddling you.

  6. Lovely job, all nice and cuddly again now. I was half expecting you to say you had replaced the cover, which made me smile and think of Trigger's broom. Well done on working through your list, I think I would find a list that long rather offputting. Some things don't get as far as the written list for quite some time if there isn't time to get round to them. Daft, I know, as they still get done in the end!
    Thanks for the info on Picasa, it's now downloaded and I'm getting to grips with it (or not!), Vee x

  7. Lovely job and it looks like new again and you can keep a piece of mum with you for longer.


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