Sunday, 2 February 2014

Make A Joyful Noise

the big singIt has been a week full of music. Last Sunday, we did “The Big Sing” at Church – a fellowship tea [with scrumptious cakes] followed by a service led by the Worship Group, when we sung the Top Ten hymns chosen by Songs Of Praise viewers. here’s the list…

Guide me, O thou great Redeemer 
I the Lord of sea and sky
And can it be
In Christ Alone
How Great Thou Art
Dear Lord and Father of mankind
Make me a channel of your peace
Be still
Abide with me
The Day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended

It was a good service [although I was surprised that The Lord’s My Shepherd and Amazing Grace didn’t make the top 10] You can read Gary’s post about it too. Like me, he loves many of the old hymns.

townend journey

I’ve been playing my new Stuart Townend CD a lot too, in spare moments.

I was intrigued to see in a school where I did supply this week that they now have a ukulele band. This is clearly the instrument of the moment. We are having a Uke Concert at church next month.

Since Tuesday I have been singing all the favourite Pete Seeger songs as I have been driving in the car – and been pleased to hear lots of fine tributes on the radio too.

instrumentsFriday night we had the Ratby Band Concert at church– and they included Crimond as one of their pieces [so I did get ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ after all]

And then yesterday we went to the induction of a new minister, at a nearby Baptist Church. She’d chosen one song because ‘it is my favourite at the moment’ and it was Rend Collective’s “Build Your Kingdom Here” – another song which I love 

Music is a gift from God, and I am so grateful for the diversity of it – and glad we can enjoy so many different styles in worship at our church; old traditional hymns, modern worship songs, Celtic rhythms, folk tunes, brass bands, even ukeleles! Whoever came up with this idea that angels only play harps and archangels just sound trumpets?  I am quite convinced that the music of heaven includes jazz saxophonists and classical flautists and rainstick-inverters too.

Is there a proper name for those who play the rainstick, by the way? Kezzie, or one of my other musical mates, help me out here!!


  1. Love RC but any list without Amazing Grace is not a complete list of hymns for me.

  2. I do like "The Day Thou gavest, Lord, is Ended" - not something we hear much over on my side of the pond!

    It's rather exciting to think of the music of heaven ... I am sure that Bach and Handel are still happily composing away there, and really look forward to meeting them some day.

  3. My grandson is learning the ukelele at his school...

    The Top Ten list contains several that I would like to see there but there are some substitutions that I would like to make too. I was surprised that there were not one or two more of the more modern ones. (Although In Christ Alone is 2001 and I the Lord of Sea and Sky is 1981.)

  4. No idea what a rain-stick player is called..!

    Interesting how many of these match (or don't match) the CCLI top 10 (though the CCLI list aren't all what I'd describe as hymns) (and in that website a moment of wifely-glowing - my Rob designed the new CCLI site!)

    1. Thanks for this comment Sarah. I guess the CCLI list maybe represents all the ones still in copyright - and the ancient hymns are not included. Well done Rob for his work - you are allowed to be proud of him!! And thank you to CCLI for the helpful work it does - for churches, schools and other 'institutions' !!


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