Thursday, 6 February 2014

Please Don’t Drop The H!

I insist that letter should be spelled [and pronounced] aitch, not haitch. I do drop mine occasionally – I was born in Essex after all. They drop them quite a bit here in Leicestershire too. As Professor Higgins lamented in Pygmalion “Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak?”

From ‘My Fair Lady’

But I am not used to seeing the letter dropped from the end of a word. I can only assume that it happened when someone fitted a new door handle – and the bottom of this sign was unfortunately cut off in its prime.


I think the end result is rather unpleasant, don’t you?


  1. Perhaps it is indeed an awful warning! And someone will pull anyway! WS xxx

  2. Ick! Bring back the "h", please!


  3. Eeeeew.
    I prefer aitch. Haitch grates on me so much.
    Jane x

  4. Oh yes, I don't want to pus the door- sounds disgusting!x

  5. Eeek! Bit of a blunder there! What were they thinking? Not a lot, one assumes! xCathy

  6. Oh this would be an EXTREMELY politic post if you were Northern Irish. Must try to find you a link to this year's Forget Turkey at the Lyric- this was exactly the theme of the scene that made Alan nearly fall off his seat. Mine was the Taking It Up The Ardoyne parade sequence. None of this will be comprehensible!

    1. I guess the 'aitch' proves I really am a Protestant, then?!

    2. Shhh. Politically incorrect!

  7. It might be unpleasant, but it made me laugh.


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