Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pins And Needles, Hooks And Screws

We’ve had quite a creative week. Here is my little stock of baby knits for the London City Mission. I started last Monday afternoon by weighing all the pastel 4ply wool [250gram] and then just steadily worked my way through the lovely patterns Joy Gadsden had sent.


By the time we left Liz and Jon on Sunday, I’d made one hat, one blanket, two cardis and four pairs of mittens. I calculated that I could do one cardi in pastel stripes to use up all that wool. Thank you Jon, for agreeing to deliver these. I haven’t quite used up all the 250grams, and will try and finish off the remaining yarn this week [but I’ll be back at work, and various evening events will give me less knitting time]

IMG_1565Meanwhile, Bob worked hard on Saturday fixing up bike storage hooks over Liz and Jon’s bath. Yes you did read that correctly. Everywhere you turn in their flat there are bicycles. [five, I think, with parts of a sixth] But they also have two bathrooms.

This nifty rack will take four of the bikes, and there is room to stand the others beside the bath. Everyone is happy about this arrangement, which gives much more room in the lounge and the passage [everyone except for Monty the Cat that is]


More pictures of our weekend in London to follow later.  Has anyone else got any useful tips for storing bicycles in small properties?


  1. Well, more of a talking point than tights hanging over the bath, for sure!
    Jane x

  2. I think you'll have to duck your head when having a bath!
    Love from Mum


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