Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cast On, Knit, Cast Off, Repeat


Last year, I decided to do some serious stashbusting, by knitting a different project every month for charity – I made hats, scarves, various blankets, dog coats, slippers, mini hats, teacosies, vests, teddies, legwarmers, and sewed some bags too. It was incredibly satisfying, and I enjoyed the variety.

52 projects

But I still have wool left – so one of my 52 Projects is to do another charity knitting challenge. The 52 Projects is intended to be small tasks which can be completed in a week. Bob is taking one of his holiday weeks over this coming half-term, and we shall go to Cornerstones, then down to see the girls in London.


Today I had a letter from the London City Mission – a charity I have supported for years- with details of their 2014 Hospital Knitting Project. [They work with Lewisham and the Royal London Hospital] It looks brilliant,and doable.

A whole sheaf of patterns – for playgroup toddlers, newborns, high dependency units, special care babies, and [sadly] stillborn babies.


I still have a fair bit of pastel 4ply yarn left – so I am going to see how many items I can produce in just one week.

Another blogger was lamenting recently that she likes knitting babystuff- but has nobody to knit for. Here’s a good cause! If you would like to take part, email enquiries@lcm.org.uk, and ask Joy Gadsden to send you the details.


  1. What a lot of knitting! How satisfying to work down the stash and knit for charity too. Isn't it a puzzle how the stash never really diminshes? Lovely to see the baby knit patterns, our local hospital used to accept knits for its Special Care Baby Unit, but currently outsources all the laundry - which must now be dealt with at 70 degrees in the name of infection control. So no handknits accepted there, except for the burial gowns and angel pockets. The children's ward still take teddies to reward and comfort their little patients, I am currently knitting a small posse for them, they look very jolly. What is it about teddies that always raises a smile no matter what age you are? The stash must be smaller, but I can't see it! Here's to a fruitful year of enjoyable knitting. Vee x

  2. When my aunt had cancer, the hospital chemo unit had an area set aside with comfy seating and coffee tables.I sat there waiting to speak to a Dr.On the table were several piles of knitting,and a note.
    "Please feel free to add a few rows to our chemo shawls.The shawls are used by patients undergoing chemo". I added a few rows while I was waiting and thought what a lovely idea this was.Even one row was adding to the comfort of someone who was hurting or afraid.
    Jane x

  3. How lovely! Well done you!!! My Godmother knits hats for African babies- so she loves doing things for good causes with her knitting skills too! I'll tell her about this too!x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie, for passing the word on!

  4. This is a lovely thing to do and more power to you, may your stash be unending so that you can keep donating!


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