Thursday, 13 February 2014

Some We Made Earlier

Our local Connexion group met tonight. Elisabeth brought cupcakes with candles [for Janet’s birthday] and we made little gift boxes.


IMG_1488My little pink ‘heart’ cakes were rather more kidney shaped than hearts! I piped some rather wonky pink icing and decorated with tiny pink and white sugar hearts to emphasise the shape. They tasted OK though!



  1. Busy bees!
    I like the heart-shaped box.

    Thanks to your 'advertising' or mystery shopping last week, i went into the Button Boutique in Leicester (have been in before) it is a little Aladdins' cave isn't it? I also popped into the 'Magical fabric shop, just as they were about to close, but, got a 2 metre length of fine pink and white 'burnout' cotton for £5.98p for a summery top I have in mind for myself. They've got some lovely fabrics in there! And....the Sun was shining! x

  2. The kidney shaped heart reminded me of being in the Navy. I had been terribly ill and hospitalized with a kidney problem.My Navy friends gave me a card which said
    "we love you with all our kidney" even had a kidney badge for me to wear .
    Jane x

  3. Forgot to say, that I went into 'The Works' which was closing down and bought a hard back book for 49p! It actually said, £1.49 but the girl at the checkout said it was further reduced! I think they are hoping to clear the shop by the weekend. x

  4. Your cakes look lovely Anglea. I love those little boxes. Quite often I hunting around for just a little something to put a small present in and they would be just right :)


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