Monday, 8 September 2014

A Trio of Time-Saving Tips

Three things which I did this weekend, which made life easier

P10000361 –First tip - If you have just changed your car [elderly blue Daewoo] for a newer model [silver Toyota] but have yet to learn your registration number, make sure you put some sort of personalisation on it. I transferred my Baptist car sticker. This made it much simpler to locate in a huge shopping centre car park on Friday morning. There are loads of small silver cars out there!!

DSCF4629DSCF4635floral foam

2 – If you have to arrange a lot of flowers, invest in some tall florists buckets [mine were very cheap from IKEA] When you get the flowers back from the shop, trim the base of the stems, and give the flowers a long drink [at least an hour] and in another bucket, give the floral foam a long soak too. Here’s the added tip – use some of the flower-food sachets which came sellotaped to the wrappings in the soaking water for both the flowers and the foam. This will help maximise the amount of nutrition the blooms take up – and hopefully prolong the life of the final arrangement.


3- Final tip, if you are going to an important event, try out your whole ensemble beforehand, to make sure everything works. Steph generously lent me a rather glamorous dress for the wedding [‘do check you have the right underpinnings, Mum’] Thanks Steph!!

kmfc friends

I had originally intended wearing my red suede Mary Janes with the dress – but realised on Friday evening that they were not quite right, and the black sandals looked much better.

Similarly the bra I tried on initially looked fine at the front – but Bob pointed out that the low cut back revealed some rather inelegant hooks and strappage.

Saturday was quite a hectic day, so it was good to have the complete outfit [including necklace, hairclips and ear-rings] all ready and waiting to slip on, with no last minute panics.


  1. Great tips, and you [and the dress] look stunning!

  2. My! Don't you look elegant! That's a beautiful dress.

  3. You looked stunning!
    I used to keep a 'Bagpuss' air freshener on the dashboard of my car when I had one, it helped to find it easier too.

  4. Great tips there Angela! One I may add is "When labelling plants in the greenhouse ensure the pen used is a permanent type - otherwise may fade in the sunshine!" Guess how I found that one out then!

  5. Great tips! And that dress is fabulous and you look fabulous in it. Well done!


  6. You look lovely in that dress!

  7. Great tips!!!! That dress is amazing- you look really glam and Great Gatsby-esque!!! x

  8. You look gorgeous. Looks like you got all of it right on the day. Love your hair too. x


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