Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Village Fun Day–Number TEN!

It is ten years since the start of this annual event. It was started by Jenny after her son Kris died in a road accident, to benefit the young people of our community. Jenny spoke movingly about this on Sunday. Here’s Jenny – and a photo of Kris


One of our friends [as we packed up]commented that people who attend these events do not realise the amount of planning beforehand, and work on the actual day, that goes on behind the scenes. Here is the field at 8am when we arrived, along with Jenny.


Soon there were others there too – Abi & co setting up our ‘Thirst’ Youth Club display, and Debs preparing the Messy Church tent. And I got to blow up the church!!




Bob set up his sound system – and the village defibrillator was on display [funded by last year’s Fun Day]P1000069

And the weather was brilliant, loads of people turned up to watch the singers and dancers and school recorder group – and Dad’s Army!




And at the end, we deflated the church and put everything away again till next year… Here’s Bob and Paul, the Church Secretary squashing the inflatable, assisted by Lynda, observed by Carol…


Thank you everybody involved - especially our brilliant young people from Church [including Matty, Bob’s sidekick in the sound tent – who performed the very tedious task of announcing the Raffle Prize Draw]

Here’s the field at 6pm when we finally left…



  1. I know there is an incredible amount of work involved in laying on any kind of event, well done.

  2. I don't know whether it would be more fun to blow up a church or to deflate it. All I know is that I am jealous either way. (PS I am a retired vicar.)

  3. Yes it's all down to the planning - the famous saying says it all...."Failing to plan is planning to fail!"

  4. These events benefit the local community, but as you say, there is a huge amount of planning and work that has to be done. By someone.

  5. A lovely way to honour a loved one.
    Jane x

  6. Wow, yes, so much work goes on.behind the scenes. I love your inflated church! X


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