Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mob Moments

Thank you everybody who left such lovely compliments about the dress I wore for Moira’s wedding.

  • Yes, I did feel amazingly glamorous in it
  • No, it wasn’t genuine vintage, but a modern repro.
  • Yes, the beadwork was heavy [it weighed nearly half a stone!]
  • No, I shall not be wearing it next June when I am MOB
  • Yes, it was borrowed from Steph

When I posted on facebook that I would be MOB, some of my male friends misunderstood, and thought I meant I’d be in this lot


My Mother Of Bride outfit is something I have yet to sort out. The thing is, the colour and style of that dress, fabulous though it is, are both wrong for the colours and style of Steph’s wedding. I am taking my time over choosing the right outfit. I don’t really want to go down the highly expensive, “I shall only ever wear this once” route.

I was talking to a lady this week who said she has got her fascinator, bag and shoes for her son’s wedding [July 2015] and just has to find the dress to go with them. I suspect I shall start with the dress and choose accessories around it. I am enjoying the all suggestions and comments friends are giving me- and their generous offers of hats, bags, fascinators which they will lend if needed. We ought to be better at sharing such things. I have a hat which has been to a Buck House Garden Party [on someone else’s head]


I am not planning to waste money on a Journal for the MOB. Steph and Mark are sorting things out – it is their wedding. I’ll just help as and when I am asked.

I had so much fun planning my own wedding and I do not want to be the sort of MOB who takes over – I want Steph to enjoy herself. She is a very competent young woman, and can organise it all in her own way.

cartoonI shall definitely take advice from both Bob, Steph and Liz before I commit to buying anything.

My family are far better at spotting styles which suit me – and they are gently able to deflect me from choosing  the wrong things, without making me feel unattractive.


I have concluded I am neither apple, pear or pumpkin, I am definitely a sultana . A sultana is defined as either

a princess, married to a man of great importance   or

a fruit which is small and shrunken, very sweet, with great taste

Which fruit are you, do you think?


  1. I shall be MOB in May - Haven't a clue what to wear as I just don't do dressing up and as for hat/fascinator I shall just look hilarious!

  2. Quite right Angela, it is their wedding. All you have to do is advise or comment when asked and turn up looking gorgeous. A friend of mine found her outfit in a 'preloved' shop, not quite the same as a charity shop.

  3. I just asked Chris (silly me)..he said he thinks I'm a banana. Long and thin and covered in skin.
    I won't ask again!
    Jane x

  4. Have just read back to The Dress. Ravishing! I am tonight an unravishing mouldy banana, one of the ones attracting midges next door because I never get around to Good Food's easy cake recipe.

  5. My Mum got a nice grey dress from Per Una for my sister's wedding and she then got a grey hat from Debenhams and some sandals and she borrowed a wispy abalone shell necklace of mine that went well. For my wedding, I told her to wear her (3rd) wedding dress, as it made her feel comfortable and it matched my bridesmaids. She was dead chuffed that I said that and she just bought a simple straw hat in the pound shop which she bought some wire and organza and wire and did a splendid job on the millinery with it!x


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