Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Genesis Is Gone – Waiting For Revelation!

The room at the bottom of our church premises [we are set on a hill!] was redecorated 20 years ago, and renamed The Re-Creation Room. Round the walls were amazing murals depicting the story of creation. They were drawn by an artist in the church and then painted by the teenagers. The artist has moved on, and the teenagers have grown up and gone away [sadly, few have returned to the village after Uni] And now the current church project is to redevelop the room in a way which makes it more usable for both the fellowship and our village community. The builders have started, and on Sunday morning after the service, we were able to see what’s been happening. Here is Bob with Rob* [Church Treasurer, and with his wife Alyson, two of the key people behind the vision for all this]



The new lowered ceiling already makes a huge difference, and the white walls seem so much brighter.

I hope someone has taken ‘before’ photos, because I was so busy recently, I quite forgot about it! 

I will certainly post some ‘afters’ when the finished room is revealed.

*our fellowship is full of Bobs, Robs, Davids, Janets, Margarets and Bettys. It’s quite confusing at times. Do you have people who share names in your church?


  1. Oooh, they could use the space for a mezzanine!!!
    Believe it or not, there is another Kerenza in my orchestra!
    Confusingly in year 1 class, there are two Eshals and 2 Semaras x

  2. As far as I am concerned, YOU are the One and Only Kezzie! I teach Taylor [boy] on Thursdays and Taylor [girl] on Fridays. Most unusual name I have heard this term is Nevaeh [Heaven spelt backwards]

  3. I love old names - our hens are Olwyn, Mabel, Eva and Bev.

  4. We have a good few Thierrys, Isabelles and Yanniks!


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