Friday, 12 September 2014

The Best Of Intentions

Today I was back in the school where I worked in the spring. I am providing SATs support for year 6 pupils in the morning, and then working with a Reception class in the afternoon. In the world of education jargon, children removed from classes for extra support are often called “Intervention Groups”. As I was chatting with one of my students, he suddenly said “Have you had these intentions in other schools, Miss?” I assured him I had!

But yet again I have got to the end of another week’s teaching completely exhausted. Tomorrow I am having a lie-in. Possibly till midday!!! Don’t expect a blogpost in the morning.


I intend to catch up on my rest – so I am having a bath* and going to bed Very Early [*now it is emptied of all those wedding flowers]


  1. Oh dear, I think somebody's tired!! Me too - so glad it's Friday! Enjoy your leisurely bath and long lie-in. Have a good and restful weekend, Angela. x

  2. Enjoy your rest. It amazes me just how few days you miss blogging. Your posts are always so varied - thank you!

  3. I hope you slept well and are able to continue relaxing and resting.

  4. Thank you everybody - feeling remarkably rested this afternoon - despite being up surprisingly early this morning!


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