Friday, 19 September 2014

There’s Trouble Brewing At The Manse…

My September Mange Tout Campaign is going relatively well, I think. We’ve eaten lots of meals made entirely from freezer and pantry goods. I have purchased some food though – I used some M&S reward vouchers to get fresh milk, and an unexpected food voucher from Makro was spent on a few other bits and pieces, plus I’ve been given beans and tomatoes by gardening friends with gluts. But I did fall down on the tea and coffee front. I picked up a pack of coffee when we were in IKEA on Monday – but then in the afternoon found we were completely out of Sainsbury's Red Label teabags. Panic!!!

P1000091I checked out the cupboards, and offered Bob a choice – Green tea, Herb tea, Redbush, Earl Grey…he opted for green. But then later I found a tin at the back of the cupboard -Fortnum and Mason “Royal Blend, Stronger Tea” [best before 2013. Oh dear!]

The label declares it was first blended for Edward VII. I made a pot of tea with leaves “A spoonful per person and one for the pot” said the label on the back of the tin. I had to find a tea strainer too.

It was OK [ish] as tea goes, but not the best I have tasted. But the real shock was when I came to rinse out the teapot. The leaves were huge – I mean, really large. I got out a ruler - and my camera. Some measured 2.5 cm across. They were like postage stamps!


I can hardly complain to F&M, can I? The tin [A 2012 Christmas gift] really should have been opened last year. But these leaves do seem excessively large. Maybe Royal Blend Tea requires KING-Sized leaves. I have been to Sainsbury's and bought some of our usual bags.

I may be attempting to be as frugal as possible this month – but O am not sure I can manage without a decent cuppa in the morning, and another when I get home from work.

I like a nice cup of tea with me dinner
And a nice cup of tea with me tea
And when it's getting late
Almost anything can wait
For a nice cup of tea


  1. Can't live without tea! Perish the thought.....

  2. They are big leaves! When we have had tea in Prague they are big leaves and make wishy washy tea, thank goodness for teabags. Theres nothing like a good cuppa first thing in the morning :-)

  3. My late grandfather (born 1884) used to say that when he was a lad the local grocer would have called the leaves we buy today "tea dust". The good stuff was like your Royal Blend but out of the reach of ordinary families.

  4. I think in order to be frugal we have to have one thing we don't skimp on. It's coffee for me--a bad cup's worse than no cup at all!


  5. That first cup in the morning.....not to be missed!
    I've quite got a taste for some Indian spiced teabags and Chai loose tea that my niece bought me for my birthday last year. But drink too much and it can be a bit on the purgative side!

  6. I'm not a tea drinker, well not leaf of green types but I agree entirely there are some things that are simply non negotiable!


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