Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday’s Child Is Loving And Giving

You just have to smile when a five year old, asked to write a sentence about somebody in his family [and all around him are writing ‘My Dad plays ball with me’ and ‘I went to the park with Gran’] chooses to write

My momy is uorsum


I have two daughters- one born on a Friday, the other on a Sunday. Both girls are loving, and giving, and both are [imho] absolutely awesome – as are their guys. Even though Bob is conducting the ceremony, and I will be there as MOB, we still received this card in the post yesterday – just so we don’t forget


It looks like being a truly uorsum occasion


  1. That word should go straight into the dictionary!

  2. June 2015 - it will arrive before you know it. We go away in June and once Christmas (which isn't far away - saw the trees at the garden centre) passes it will be June so quickly! I too was born on a Friday - I was early - first time in my life! (Well I guess it would be! lol)

  3. Seems as though the little boy will be a Latin scholar!
    Jane x

  4. At my eldest lad's wedding in April, the bride's father resided over the ceremony because he's a Rev too (I had a very interesting discussion with him at the Top Table about religion!) and it made it very special. I'm waiting on the wedding pics arriving anyday. I'll send you one. x

  5. ps Yes, I thought it was delightful to get an invitation to my son's wedding too - suppose they have to follow protocol.


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