Friday, 5 September 2014

Pedalling Furiously…

bicycle quote

Thank you everybody for the encouraging comments. The work-life balance is a little out of kilter this week, but I am confident it will be OK again very soon.


  1. Love that pic and how true it is! Hope you find your own balance soon.

  2. Love the graphic! My hubby has just begun a 2 day a week cycle maintenance course in London for five weeks to become a qualified bicycle mechanic which he's squeezing in alongside his normal job, which means life is a little hectic. He'll really appreciate the graphic!!

  3. Just to keep moving is a struggle at times,
    but little sayings in the form of wisdom
    helps with a little gentle push,

    Thank you

  4. It's trying not to pedal backwards that I'm finding most exhausting! Happy Weekend to you, Lovely Angela. x


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