Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mange Tout

mange tout

Mange tout  =  eat all. I cannot remember the last time I ate any of these sweet little peas in their pods. My late friend Lynn was in M&S once, and heard a lady asking the assistant for them. Except she said

“Do you have any of those man-ghee towts?” We’ve called them that ever since! But the principal ‘eat all’ is a good one. I am following Sue’s September challenge [here] and intending to eat up the reserves.

Following the car debacle, I intend to see just how long I can go this month without buying any food. Anticipating the budget restraints, I brought back some non perishable stuff from the Cornerstones cupboard. I got some salad veg [reduced!] and milk on Saturday. A friend gave me some lovely beans on Sunday from her garden – I shall prep them, and freeze them in 2-portion packs.

Over lunch on Sunday, I said to Bob

“You know that conversation we sometimes have, where I say ‘the budget is tight, expect some rather bizarre meals this month’ and you say ‘How will I know things are any different from normal?’. Well, imagine that conversation has just happened!’”

Bob smiled at me, indulgently. He is a very patient man. And he knows there are always Alka Seltzers and Gavison in the bathroom!


  1. Seems we are all at it - eating up what's in the cupboard I mean. I wrote a post about it and have read several others too! Only problem with not spending this week is that you eventually need to spend some next week and often more than usual too but I hope your economising helps to build up the savings towards a new car!

  2. I'm going to try and do thus challenge too and I know I'm going to have to get in early to cook bizarre mixtures as cbc is v er, disparaging of my frugal attempts when it comes to food! X

  3. They are called snow peas here.
    Aaaaaaarrrrgh...I mentioned the 's' word!
    Jane x

  4. The words 'mange tout' are always followed by 'Rodney' here. But you have to have followed the Trotter family to understand that!

  5. My life is pretty much like this all of the time!
    It wouldn't take me long to empty my cupboards, they are frequently fairly bare. But, Mother Nature is blessing us all this Year with a bountiful free harvest. Has anyone else seen the abundant blackberries, rose hips etc?
    I quite often have what I refer to as a 'cobble it', were I scan the fridge and cupboards and 'cobble' something together. More often than not it is very tasting and filling.

  6. I've tried to grow these so many times without much luck. It's probably time for another try next year

  7. I like man-ghee towts too, but don't often buy them...Mr FD isn't very good with "bits" dinners, but I am trying to make sure I use things before they go beyond the pale. My usual standby for using up bits is soup.


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