Friday, 26 September 2014

Want To Buy A Book Bench ?

Back in July, I blogged about the Book Bench Trails which were set up in London this summer. Just to let you know, they are all being collected up, and next weekend [4th/5th October] you can see the whole lot. The University of London has kindly agreed to gather all 51 BookBenches together to be displayed to the public in Gordon Square Garden WC1 from 10am to 6pm over the weekend. 

And then, on 7th October, they are to be auctioned off to raise funds for the Literacy Trust. I imagine they will go for a tidy sum of money! I don’t think I should want the responsibility of owning one, myself. Would you need to keep it inside, out of the weather? And they are quite large – more of a ‘feature’ than a piece of comfortable seating – wouldn’t they be out of place in an ‘ordibary’ home?

greenwich trail

However, at a more realistic price, you can buy posters of the benches from Stanfords. There are four sets [one for each ‘trail] and in sizes from A4 to A0. I cannot think where I would hang it, but my favourite would be the A2 Greenwich poster. I have read, and enjoyed, 11 out of 12 of the books on it [never read Darwin, though I maybe ought to have done!] Do take a look at Stanfords site, and see which of the posters you might choose. I know the ‘City Trail’ would be last on my list.


  1. I'd quite fancy the Usborne Books bench in memory of the 11 years I spent selling their books and leading a team of ladies selling, but I doubt I can afford it!!

  2. I saw a picture of a tatty old bench which had been transformed into a kind of book bench by a reception class using their art work, old books, comics etc then varnished. It looked wonderful.
    I love the London benches but I bet they go for ridiculous prices.

  3. I'll take Canterbury Tales and it will live in the family room.
    Is shipping extra?!!
    Jane x

  4. Ooh, thanks for the tip! I went to visit some of the book benches with my Dad over the summer, so will get him a poster for his upcoming birthday.


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