Thursday, 18 September 2014

Time Flies Like An Arrow…

…But Fruit Flies Like A Banana!

There are many people out there who follow this blog – some far away, some local. Last year, when I made these for charity…


…my friends Lee and Dawn had one of them. They even christened it “Angela” [‘Have you put Angela on the teapot?’] Despite this, I still consider them to be my friends! At the FunDay they mentioned that they’ve been having a problem with fruit flies in the kitchen. I said we had been plagued with flies this summer at Cornerstones and recommended one of these food umbrellas

food cover

Lee pointed out, quite reasonably, that they take up rather a lot of space. “What we need” they said, “is a sort of mesh mob cap, to fit neatly over the bowl. But the flies are very small, so it needs to be fine mesh!”

Up to the loft, and into the Great Stash. I found some fabric [my SIL’s voiles, from the conservatory in her last house] and cut out a huge circle, using my IKEA tray as a template. It did not take long to zigzag round the edge of the fabric, then pin and sew elastic round to make a mob cap – which should allow air in – but keep flies out!

fruit bowl mob cap

What will they call this one do you think? [Ang the MOB, perhaps?]


  1. Only friends can call you names and get away with it!

  2. What an excellent idea - we certainly need a few of those around here - the YFG and I aren't eating the fruit fast enough these days so I shall just have to buy less but more frequently, I think.......inspiring as usual!

  3. This is great. I can't believe the flies we have here. Are flies more in number near countryside? I wouldn't have thought so. I am thinking of trying to run up two doorstops to use as bookends. But here we are at 8pm already....

  4. We have been plagued with fruit flies too. I don't know where they have come from we keep all our fruit in the fridge.


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