Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ripping Yarns

I have always been fascinated by the mysteries surrounding Jack The Ripper. Liz knows this, and five years ago took me to the City Of London Cemetery Open Day, where I saw the graves of Catherine Eddowes and Mary Ann Nicholls.

cemetery 6cemetery 7

Today a book is being published which claims that finally, we have definite proof of the Ripper’s identity.

ripper- eddowes

With Catherine Eddowes body was found a shawl – this was kept by one of the policemen, but it came up for auction some years ago

ripper shawl&russell edwardsRussell Edwards, an ‘armchair detective’ with a lifelong obsession with the Ripper, purchased the shawl. After much research, and with the help of a DNA specialist, he claims that he has established the identity of the Ripper. There are six ‘main’ suspects – three from the upper echelons of society, three from the lower classes. Edwards has tested the evidence.ripper suspects


He says that tests on bloosd and semen stains show that “Jack The Ripper” was in fact Aaron Kosminski, a deranged schizophrenic Polish hairdresser from Whitechapel. You can read more here.

I wait to see what other ‘experts’ say about this ‘solution’ to a puzzle which is 126 years old.  I know that crime writer P J Cornwell still maintains it was the artist Walter Sickert. And I wonder if this will affect future episodes of “Ripper Street”.



  1. I don't suppose we will ever know the truth but it's fascinating anyway.

  2. Have they found family of this man to get the dna?
    I won't be buying the book, so it might be some time before I get to read it lol!

  3. Sandie, they have got DNA from Karen Miller, the three-times great-granddaughter of Eddowes, who has featured on TV progs about the Ripper, and also a female descendant of Kominski's sister . They are keeping her identity as a secret for her protection. I doubt this book will be high on the Leics Library Service buying list- so it will be years before I get to read it too!!

  4. Heard this on the news - watch this space eh?

  5. I find the whole idea that after over 150 years they can still use DNA to find information the most fascinating part of this story - isn't science (and DNA) amazing?!


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