Saturday, 11 October 2014

All In A Good Cause

macmillan 2014

A couple of weeks ago, some of my teenage students arranged a Macmillan Cancer Care Fundraising event. As well as making cakes and biscuits, they decided they wanted to sew some little items to sell. So they made lots of tissue holders…


They also made little gift pouches, some containing travel sized toiletries, others laden with golden Werther’s Originals Toffees.



I thought the gift pouches were really cute – one of the girls had found the idea on the Internet and brought in a sample she had made, for us to copy in our sewing session.

clip_image002You cut two squares of fabric 20cm square, sew them round, right sides together [leaving ‘turning gap’] then turn out and press. Then you fold over the four corners and sew each down with a button. Now thread a ribbon round through each flap and pull up and tie a bow. Voila!


A pretty little pouch for holding a tiny gift. These would make fun ‘favours’ to have on your Christmas** dinner table in lieu of crackers – you could pop a few sweets and a joke inside each one. Or maybe even wedding favours, filled with sugared almonds. Do we know anybody called Almond who is getting married in the near future?!

For some of the girls, this was only their second week at the sewing class, so I was quite impressed with their efforts. The girl who brought in the sample pouch has been working with me for over a year – but I was especially pleased that she has taken up sewing as a hobby, and is constantly looking out for simple ideas like this. They raised quite a lot of money by their efforts. Well done, girls!

**It is less than eleven weeks to Christmas. I have some Christmas Present Projects underway – and this year Bob has been helping out too, spending the occasional hour on a Monday pottering in the garage. But I can’t reveal anything here, too many of the recipients of the gifts read the blog! I will post pictures in January!


  1. I just love that pouch. What a fantastic idea for little or a bit bigger Christmas gifts. This is going into my favourites. Thank you for sharing this,

  2. Lovely gift pouches,thankyou for sharing. So good that your second year student is so enthusiastic - well done to you. Yikes, only eleven weeks away!
    Vee x

  3. What a good idea. May I copy the pouches please for our Surgery fete craft stall?

  4. Thank you for the little gift pouch idea my grandchildren will love seeing them on our Christmas table now what shall I fill them with mmmm we shall have to see haha

  5. I am glad you all like the little gift pouch idea - so simple, yet so effective. I shall tell my student that her idea was such a hit!!

  6. What a brilliant idea! That girl has innovation- nice to see!
    Ha, almonds for Almonds! Pity I don't like the edible variety, though the human variety.... yes, I like them!x

  7. The little pouches look great and maybe even easy enough for me to try! Loved your Dad's Army bit in the last post; even just thinking about 'don't tell him Pike' makes me chuckle! xCathy


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