Thursday, 16 October 2014



I have yet to see the poppies at the Tower of London – maybe I will be able to manage it somehow this coming weekend. I am  going down to a WWDP Day in Kent, stopping overnight with Liz en route.


One of my colleagues suggested that the girls I teach on Tuesdays might like to make their own poppies this year. So that is what they did – we took red hearts cut from felt, decorated them with beads, then sewed them together with a central black button. It was interesting to see how they interpreted the idea  - here are four of the finished ones [the others remain WIP to complete later]

poppies oct 2014

[Thank you Sandie- that red felt was a piece you gave me!]


  1. They're beautiful!! Which gives me an idea for something at school...x

  2. Ha! I think I get more joy from seeing what your various students make from fabric and crafts stuffs that I give you than, I do using the materials myself! (Otherwise there would be many 'W.I.Ps' in progress or not in progress!).
    Glad it was of use and what a lovely use it is! xxx

  3. Beautiful - well done all of you.


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