Tuesday, 7 October 2014

It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night…

…and I’ve been working like a dog! I have not haven’t been in school since Thursday, but the last few days have been really busy. I seem to have spent a lot of time planning, preparing and marking [how I hate marking!] But I have taken a bit of time out to dress a dog for my Wednesday/Thursday class. My jobshare partner Jane brought him in to school and said “Could I please dress him?” So that was a pleasant diversion on Monday. He is rather large,and very floppy.


  • Fido is floppy
  • Fido is funny
  • Fido is friendly
  • Fido is furry

– I can foresee we’ll be doing some work on alliteration soon! Can you think of some more suitable words? [any and all appropriate alliterative adjectives will be appreciated]


  1. Fido is fantastic.

    Fido is flippin marvellous.

    (My late dog was called Fido so I had lots of Fido phrases but maybe not for littlies!)

  2. Well, after his blog appearance Fido is now famous...
    Vee x

  3. When my son was little he had missed an entire term of school through illness. He still wasn't well and not happy about going back so I made a sweater in the school colours for his teddy and teddy went to school in uniform with him. It gave him a bit of comfort.

  4. Fidgety, fit, fluffy, faithful, forgetful, fussy, fun.

  5. I don't know why it is comforting that teachers hate marking.

  6. Fuzzy, fortunate, fluffy, focused (when the kids aren't listening!), forgiving (when someone is mean to him), funny...


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