Saturday, 25 October 2014

This Is A Stick-Up!

P1000172I’ve been doing lots of craft and sewing jobs this week, and at one point I needed to glue something. Bob immediately got out one of his hot glue guns and did the deed for me.

Then he decided he needed a proper stand – the guns drip molten glue when in use, and the little plastic stands that come with them are pretty flimsy.

P1000173He cut two pieces from a bit of scrap chipboard, and stuck them together [using a hot glue gun, of course]

The stand fits both guns, and will hold them safely and catch any drips of hot glue.P1000174

A quick, cheap and easy project – but one which will prove so useful  Well done, Bob.[why did you not think of this years ago?]

Is anyone else watching the new series of Big Bang Theory? On Thursday night, just as we settled down to enjoy BBT together, the phone rang

"Hello Mrs Almond, this is the University of Warwick Graduates Association. Is this a good time to talk?"
"No it isn't - the new series of Big Bang Theory has just started and I am married to a physicist. Sorry. Goodnight"

I hung up before she could respond. I am not usually that abrupt, but for once I was too tired to explain that I did not want to send money to my old Uni – and I did want to watch a programme I enjoy.

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  1. Cant say I like BBT myself but I love that reply on the phone!
    Go Ang!
    X X


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