Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bobbing About

News of a revamped Bob the Builder- from this, first shown 16 years ago


to this – due to be aired in the spring…


New voices too for Bob and Wendy- Lee Ingleby [George Gently’s sidekick Bacchus, and also star of Our Zoo] and Joanne Froggatt [Downton Abbey]

lee ingleby


The new characters will be computer-generated for the new series rather than created using stop-motion animation. Bob also has a new home in the busy town of Spring City, and will use a computer for his building designs, but he'll still be seen working at his yard in the village of Fixham. I am looking forward to this.

What do you mean “It’s a programme for children”?!


  1. I like the old Bob but I suppose the new one is more realistic. I wonder if that is why I can't find any little BTB toys in the shops. Looking for little ones to put in a carry tin for my little nephew for Christmas.

  2. Does a certain other Bob watch too? !
    Good to see it will be a bit more realistic looking.

  3. I don't like it at all he looks too human and I hope they don't change pilchard too much (he's my favourite character)

  4. I'll have to look out for this. George Gently was filmed around here - always interesting to hear the accents!

  5. I have never seen it. My kids were just growing past it when it came out I think. Or maybe I just managed to make them think they were. There is nothing to beat Pingu I'm afraid.


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