Thursday, 23 October 2014

Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red

logoThis exhibition at the Tower started on August 5th, and continues until November 11th. Princes Harry and William, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen, Prince Philip, and hundreds of others have been to see it. And last Saturday afternoon, Liz and I were able to go as well.yeoman warder

It was around 5pm and there were hundreds of people there.


We liked the way the stems were different lengths, which made the surface look like waves across the sea, and the way the flowers appear to flow out of the building down to the ground



The archer was there on the roof, ready to repel invaders


Liz insisted on taking a photo of me – she argued that there are very rarely pictures of me on the blog, just the places I visit and things I make. That’s because I am not given to taking ‘selfies’!


But here is proof that I was there, and did get to see this amazing installation. All the poppies have been sold already, and will raise an awful lot of money for some service charities. Read all about it here.  We both felt too tired, and Liz was full of cold, I had a sore throat, so we went home  early.

We did not stay for the Roll Call and Last Post at sunset. But I am glad I went. It was very moving – and although I had seen pictures, it was nothing like the impact of being there. Thanks Liz!


  1. I would love to be able to experience that installation/memorial.
    Jane x

  2. Liz is right, it's lovely to see a nice photo of you occasionally.
    X x

  3. Goodness, are they all sold? I have ordered two- one each for my dad and my brother for Christmas, British Legion men as they are. You are looking very lovely x

    1. I think that if you have already ordered, you are ok. Thanks for the comment

  4. Hi Angela, I've only seen this on tV and it looks spectacular - would love to see it in the flesh. Cheers frm cArole's Chatter

  5. All those poppies are displayed so beautifully I don't wan to see it dismantled. I feel it should stay as a lasting memorial. However, they are now sold and the money raised with do lots of good work.
    You look lovely in the photo,


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