Thursday, 2 October 2014

This Week I Have Found…

…well, for starters, I found the carpet in Steph’s bedroom. I went on holiday straight after the final Holiday Club Sunday Service- and then returned [in the dying Daewoo] the day before I was due in school. I have been so busy with lesson prep etc, that I ignored the mess. So the room was full of craft materials, sewing equipment, and all sorts of stuff I had not had time to sort properly. Last week, my hairdresser came round [she’s a ‘mobile hairdresser’, and comes round and cuts my hair in the bathroom] and she asked if I knew where she could get some fabric for a cushion cover.

hoarders“I have some you can have!” I said “No, honestly, I have loads, there is bound to be something appropriate in here” I flung open the bedroom door – and I could see her struggling to control her shocked  expression. I suspect she thought she had fallen into an episode of Hoarders!

I have therefore sorted out and put away all the stuff – so now it is much tidier [and ready for Steph to come home in 10 days time]


I have also found my Nicki Trench Crochet book which I mislaid ages ago – it was upside down and back to front at the bottom of a stack of books. I had somehow looked past it in previous hunts.

Very pleased to have rediscovered this one.

loombandsAnd I have found a great use for loom bands. I acquired some more knitting needles last week [thanks, Sandie] and decided on Saturday evening that my needle collection needed sorting. A useful project to do whilst watching Dr Who! But I wanted to keep the needles more tidily organised.

I did not have many ‘regular’ elastic bands – so I dismantled a loom band bracelet – these bands are ideal for holding needles in pairs! It is my belief that loom bands were invented by a relative of James Dyson – they are clogging up vacuum cleaners the length and breadth of the land, and increasing sales of new models. [Actually, I suspect that the increase in sales a few weeks ago was because the EU has banned super-sucker cleaners!]

chinesemoneyI had hoped to find some money in my tidyings- but I only found a 1p piece, and some worthless Chinese New Year “Bank Of Hell” notes.

Never Mind! A tidy room is definitely worth something.


  1. Ah I love to watch the loom bands disappear beneath the vacuum cleaner head. Not nearly as disturbing as the ting! ting! ting! of vacuuming up bits of lego - and then the dilemma of deciding whether to search through the vacuum cleaner bag to retrieve them.....

  2. We have lots of loom bands but L has been very good and only left the odd one about.
    EU have banned supper sucker vacuum cleaners - why?

  3. I'm sure life is easier now you can find things!

  4. I am going to tackle the attic room tomorrow, now that KL's ' stuff' has gone back to uni with her. I'm quite excited about what I may rediscover whilst doing it! Great idea with the loom bands - I have needles that need tidying.


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