Friday, 10 October 2014

We’re All Doomed!

dads army1

…or maybe not. They have just announced the line-up for a big screen remake of Dad’s Army. I’m quite excited about those chosen.


Toby Jones - currently in BBC’s “The Detectorists”, will play the little Napoleon, Captain Mainwaring, with Bill Nighy as his upper-class sidekick, Sergeant Wilson.

Sir Tom Courtenay will be butcher Corporal Jones and Danny Mays, will play spiv Private Walker. The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison plays 'stupid boy' Private Pike. Sir Michael Gambon, [Dumbledore and The Singing Detective, takes the part of doddery Private Godfrey, and Bill Paterson, will be the gloomy Scottish Undertaker Frazer.

I think this sounds like a fantastic cast- well chosen and capable of producing a brilliant film – I only hope the plot and the script are as well thought out as the selection of actors. Just don’t panic!


  1. This should be an interesting film to watch after watching the originals, although I'll wait for it to be on the TV.

  2. A show we could watch together as a family...I hope the remake will be the same.
    Jane x


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