Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cross Purposes

What was I baking last week?


I was baking some crosses, made from the sand clay. I found the instructions for this last year when researching children’s activities in the Bahamas. I made some green and some pink ones


After they had dried, I painted them with a 50/50 solution of PVA and water, and left them to dry on a bin bag on the kitchen table.


Why all this cruciferous crafting? Well I am about to start trekking all over the place to take part in Preparation Days for next year’s Women’s World Day of Prayer – the service has been planned by women of The Bahamas. I want to give a personal gift to every woman who attends the days, to encourage them to pray, between now and March, for those who live in those beautiful islands. A small sand-cross will be a special reminder for them.

And please think of me as I travel to Suffolk, Leicester, Somerset, Norfolk, Kent, London … [so grateful for my reliable little car!]


  1. I love my little car - C1 named Joyce! Dx

  2. Looks like the crosses turned out ok.

  3. Are you coming my way at all??? Let me know where you'll be!!!

  4. Every blessing, Ang xx I've recently been watching the video on the making of the Tower poppies, and you seem to have had much the same production line in operation!


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