Monday, 6 October 2014

Wanton Woman

My “Mange-tout September”meant a serious sort out of the freezer. I found this neglected packet at the back, underneath a box of frozen peas. I am not sure that this pastry freezes that well – and will not do it again. But I was not going to waste the packet.


I always thought ‘wonton’ was spelled with two ‘o’s – but this packet seems a little more immodest. I didn’t fancy making dumplings, but wondered if I could use the thin sheets in the same sort of way as phyllo pastry. In the fridge was a spring onion, a few cherry tomatoes, a couple of mushrooms- and a large beefburger [Bob has cooked 4 for tea, but I only wanted one] So I lay the sheets of pastry into the lids of two small pyrex casseroles [about 6” across] brushing them with water, to make a quiche base. I carefully cut the burger into 16 wedges, and arranged 8 in each shell. I sprinkled chopped veg in between and then poured in 2 beaten eggs [seasoned with salt and pepper] Then I baked them


Once cooked, the triangular ‘overhang’ of pastry was a bit dry and not that tasty, so I snapped it off – but the quiches were fine, and I took halves in my lunchbox with some salad for lunch at school.

You could say I ended up with two wanton little tarts!


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