Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Daily Bread - In More Ways Than One!

Bob and I went with Mim our Youth Minister, to Sandown Park Racecourse- for our annual trip to the Christian Resources Exhibition. As usual we had great fun, met some lovely people and discovered all sorts of resources of every kind.
This year I am just going to mention three things
[1] My lunchtime sandwich. All the sarnies were the same price, ranging from the egg-and-cress [ugh] through the usuals [BLT etc] to more fancy items [salmon and cream cheese]
But mine was amazing - I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my Cranks "Argi Bhaji" - onion bhaji, mango chutney, cucumber and a minty yogurt dressing, in a delicious nutty brown bread. Mass catering sandwiches are often so dull, with mean amounts of filling, and little flavour. This was splendid!
[2] The Bible Society's latest publication - "Good News Bible - the Youth Edition"  I'd read about it, and been sent an extract in my mailing- but was thrilled to see it and hold a copy [and chat to the lovely young graphic designer who'd done work on it. I think this is excellent. Definitely worth considering as a Christmas gift for teenagers who are exploring questions of faith. It is bright, contemporary, and put together with input from the young people themselves. The Bread of Life for the burger generation
I love the stuff produced by the Bible Society. I was talking to the guys on the stand who were promoting the Bible Course [we are now halfway through at UCF] and enthusing about it. One of them asked if I'd like to join them on the stand to promote it to the other CRE visitors!
[3] Generous exhibitors. Nadia had said last week that when they get to Romania with the shoeboxes, they will take lots of them into the schools. She thought it would be good to take little 'goodie bags' for the teachers too - and so could I please blag her some freebies [toiletries etc] from the shopping centre. So last Wednesday I went up to the perfume counters and came away with about 50 samples of perfume [including man-scent!] Today I went to every stand which had a pot of promotional pens and asked straight out if I could have a pen for a Romanian teacher, please?
I came away with two dozen ballpoint pens, two fancy highlighters, and ten mini bars of soap! Thank you to all the exhibitors who were so generous! A cheap pen costs pence, but to a Romanian teacher with limited resources, it will prove really useful! 
What a lovely day out!


  1. Well done, those pens will be a treasure for the teachers.
    I didnt know that Cranks was still up and running. I still have one of their original cookery books!

  2. That looks like a cracking sandwich!

  3. That's a nice thought to think of the teachers too, some of whom must be so grateful to receive such a treat!

  4. I'm sure the teachers will appreciate their gifts.


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