Sunday, 7 October 2018

Precious Promises

I am so conscious recently that I am surrounded by people who need peace in their hearts.
I hesitate to begin to list the anxieties felt by the folk I know, for there are so many issues affecting us all
- global issues; tsunamis and polluted oceans, refugees and casualties of war...
-national issues; Brexit, selection of judges, failing economies, corrupt politicians,civil unrest...
-personal issues; debt, PIP applications, illness, marriage break-ups, bereavement, workplace stress...
But this I know, that in my darkest moments, I can cry out to a God who cares, and who promises to love me and be with me even when the fires are raging and the waters threaten to engulf me {Isaiah 43]
There are mornings when I do not want to get out of bed. As winter draws on, it is so tempting to hunker down under the duvet and finish reading my library book. So much more pleasurable than getting up, dressing smartly, packing my bag - and waiting in vain for a phone call about teaching work. 
This year I have started using the Bible Gateway "Verse of the Day" app - and every morning, I wake up to find an encouraging Bible verse awaiting me [it's available for PC, phone or tablet] Click here to join this free, and helpful scheme. I get a daily verse, set in context of the relevant Bible passage, and attractive photo versions of the verse. So often it is just what I need, or maybe the words I need to share with others. 
Try it out- be blessed, and be a blessing!


  1. Just a thought, Ang, are you signed up with an agency? Schools round here only use agency supply but there is always lots of work.Hope you don't mind me saying. šŸ˜Š

  2. Thanks Lynn. Yes I am with an agency. But there doesn't seem to be much work round here, just lots of independent schools and academy trusts who do not use Supply Teachers

  3. These words are said at every Mass. I find them profoundly reassuring.


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