Friday, 5 October 2018

Mags-Bags And More

Nothing to do with my dear Irish friend! But it was my turn to do a demo at the Coffee'n'Craft group this week, on the theme of recycling. So I showed my friends how to make little paper carrier bags, ideal for small gift bags- using one page from a magazine.
The best mags are the ones on firm, matte paper [there's a great freebie locally called "Dorset Menu" which they often give away in delis and eateries] Another good source of paper for this craft is old maps. I had a tourist guide to Dublin [11 years old, so possibly inaccurate now- why did I keep it?] 
And from the mag pages, I made bags like these. I should have added a coin or something to show their size - approx 9cm x10cm, and 12 cm x 15cm

At the end of the demo, all my demo pieces were snapped up by ladies wishing to make their own - and I was asked to produce a guide for next time. I'm still working on that - but there's a good pdf here [Christian Aid Paper Bag] which has the basic information.
The other recycling craft I demonstrated was Juice-Carton -Purses. I first did these 6 years ago at our Holiday Club in Kirby Muxloe. [see here]

Tall thin square based cartons are good. The shorter, fatter juice boxes make a good credit card sized purse. 

Again, all my samples disappeared- these are demos from 2012! I think the ladies liked the idea of a quick craft they could teach their grandchildren.


  1. Excellent ideas there, Ang! My sister gave me some earrings in a littler box that she'd made out of magazine pages...Perhaps that's something else to explore.

    Fat Dormouse (

  2. I love the ideas. I've got a whole atlas full of pages to be used so I'd love to try your idea. I made envelopes out of them and cards so far.

  3. Great idea with the magazine pages!

  4. These are, quite frankly, amazing.


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