Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Holiday Humour

I think I have posted this picture before- but it makes me smile every time I visit Cromer.
It's as bad as this one

Conversation in the dining room, when my sewing tin was spotted on the sideboard  "Please can I have a biscuit?" "Rosie, you will soon learn that when you see a biscuit tin at Grandma's, it probably contains buttons" 

Sunday afternoon at my brother's house. Adrian went out into the kitchen to make hot drinks, I followed, and got out plates and pastry forks, and prepared to slice the coffee and walnut cake. We were followed by Rosie, who promptly returned to the rest of the family, chanting "Cake is coming! Cake is coming!" Bob says this is much better than Game of Thrones [about which I know nothing]


  1. I knew nothing about Game of Thrones either but now I know it's too cold to watch!

  2. Love Game of Thrones!Yes Winter is Coming indeed!Dark, wet and miserable here this morning.....ugh!!

  3. I agree Sue I don't know anything about Games of Thrones but I do know it was very cold in the night. Coffee and walnut is my favorite cake and yours looks lovely Angela.
    Hazel c uk


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