Thursday, 4 October 2018

Harvest Home

Some pictures from our Harvest Thanksgiving Festival on Sunday
Alison and Louise decorated the church beautifully, and Steve baked a sheaf of wheat harvest loaf. I loved the creative way in which Alison displayed the generous gift of fresh leeks!
Bob led worship, looking resplendent in his Noah's Ark waistcoat. We used material from Tear Fund, our chosen charity for this year's thanksgiving.
We watched an inspiring video [here] about Burungi, a 22 year old girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo - whose life was changed through an old sewing machine.

And we brought gifts of tinned and packet food, and fresh produce, to go to our local Food Bank. Look at the table before the service- and after the congregation came with their donations...
What generous people - thank you everyone. Our Food Bank is run at the "Bus Stop Club" - which is also the local base for CAP [Christians Against Poverty] One of our church members, Pam, is Area Manager for CAP - and she alerted us to a TV programme on BBC2 on Friday 5th October at 9pm entitled "The Debt Saviours"
This is a documentary about the work of CAP. I really do hope it is a fair representation of the work they are doing. However, I'm very aware that so often TV producers like to focus on the evangelical zeal of those who do good work, and occasionally mock their faith. I would politely point out to these media people that both CAP and Trussell Trust are quite open about their underlying Christian principles - but freely share their advice, food, and practical support, with those of all faiths and none. 
I shall watch the programme and see...and I hope the end result is more people with money supporting CAP, and more people without money discovering there is help and hope available to them if they just ask for it.

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  1. Our church supports the local food bank which is very well used. Sadly Cornwall has a large amount of homeless people, as well as those struggling with meagre or no salary.


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