Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Some Day My Plinths Will Come!

Months ago we started planning the redecoration of the Futility Room at Cornerstones. It has taken us absolutely ages, mainly because it only gets worked on whilst we are on holiday- and who wants to spend their holiday redecorating when they would prefer to be relaxing with their nearest and dearest?
Earlier in the year we took down the boring white melamine cupboards and started painting the walls grey- and we continued to plan.
Somewhere in between an old English   country house and a French provincial     farmhouse...

And strictly Wickes&Wilko not Farrow&Ball.
Everything was to be repainted or repurposed, no new units, worktops or taps.
And at last it is finished - walls and cupboards repainted, shelves up. Fancy undershelf lighting [dirt cheap from Lidl] Metal lampshades repainted [red in Leicester, then yellow- now gunmetal grey] with new red flex [five quid in IKEA bargain area]
Yes, there is a posh french soap by the sink [Christmas present] and a new piece of artwork [charity shop bargain] but doesn't it look brilliant now?

As per the glossy magazines, I have put a few stylist's props in place. Thank you to niece Lucy and her fiance Josh, I have a lovely bouquet of orange flowers to display [they go well with the Swarfega, and Le Creuset fondue pot!] Please note my new roller towel, made from an antique piece of French linen.
Do not look at the bottom of the cupboards - as yet there remains a gap.
There have not been any plinths under the units since we moved in 9½ years ago.
That job, plus tiling the window sill remain unfinished.
But for now, I am utterly thrilled with my lovely room!
Thank you Bob for all your hard work on this.


  1. It looks fit for Country Living! Well done.

  2. It looks lovely! You will have to rename the room!

  3. I love the colour - you have both done a fantastic job!

  4. An incredible amount of work but so worth it.Well done you both.My fav is the red flex for the lamps!Tres Chic!


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