Friday, 26 October 2018

The Pajama Game

I don't ever remember watching this 1950s film, and I've always wondered why the word pajamas is spelt differently over in the USA*. But this week at Cornerstones I've finally got round to making my new pyjama trousers.
When I finally settled down, the whole job was over and done with in less than 90 minutes. I used a Simplicity pattern. #3935 easy-to-sew, and some tee-shirting left over from another project. 
I bought this pattern earlier in the year when I was making a costume for the Cowardly Lion. I used it again last week for tops and trousers when I was making the play costumes. I would recommend it as very good value for money. The pattern is multi size, with 9 sizes from child age 4-5 through to adult chest 46-48“. The pattern is printed on recycled paper and also includes simple slippers in 6 sizes, plus a holder for your TV remote control. 
1 piece of elastic, 3 hems, 4 legs and 5 seams [I cut out 2 pocket pieces too, not in the original pattern] So easy and very quick. 
This is a really good pattern. The top is simple too, having no fastenings, just a simple slipover V-neck. 
I'm not making a top for these - I've got a navy vest which which will be ideal  

I did make up the top last week, with modified sleeves, to provide the Giant with a baggy shirt - using another old beige sheet. 
If you want a good pj pattern, then I think you'll certainly get your money's worth from this one!

*I've now checked it out - the original Urdu/Persian word was pay-jama meaning leg-clothing. 


  1. I did a lot of sewing years ago and I found Simplicity patterns were very good value.

    Hazel c uk

  2. I absolutely love 'The Pajama Game`! 'I'm not at all in Love' is my fav song from the film. Doris at her finest. Have a great weekend

  3. I don't think I've watched that movie, although I know some of the songs. I used to spell it as pyjama when I was growing up (we were taught British English), but now, spell it as pajama, as I've switched to American English! :D I have a different company's pattern for making pyjamas; I got all confused when I tried to sew my pyjamas, but I'm sure it was me and not their directions, because my daughter had no problems with the pattern!

  4. Aha, I wondered why there were two spellings!!! I do like your PJs- they are super!!! Clever yoU!x


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