Monday, 8 October 2018

Pass It On!

I love this quote. Sorry to disappoint those who attribute it to Einstein, I'm afraid it doesn't seem to appear in print until 22 years after he died! 

On Sunday I wanted to find a simple, and inexpensive craft activity for the children where they could be a bit creative, but not too messy! 
I started with a pack of card figures from Wilko [£1 for 15] and asked Bob to cut me some blocks of scrap wood and put slits in the top. 

That way I had stands for my people.Thanks Bob! If I hadn't had the blocks, I could perhaps have used pairs of corks to make 'boots'
Then I used more pages from my 'scrap' magazines to cut out lots of hairpieces, tops and trousers.
On each card figure I drew a smiley face on the front, and a sad face on the back. Each child used a Prittstick to dress their characters.
Once complete, they slotted the feet in place. Round the edge of the block, they stuck a strip of paper saying "Jesus turns our crying into dancing" 
Drawing the happy/sad faces on for them was a good move. I was so pleased with what they made. The younger ones did stick hair on crooked, or shorts upside down- but it really didn't matter. 
The youngest child who took part is not yet 3! Two of the older ones asked if they could do something with the left over 'clothes' - and they both made posters.
This was so simple- and yet each child made the project their personal, adding their own creative twists.
I could have made my own card figures - but sometimes a girl needs to accept she's rather busy, and if Mr Wilko has kindly prepared these neat packs, it is worth £1 to have them sorted out ready. As the rest of the stuff was scrap, even including glue these cost less than 10p per child.
We could have drawn clothes and coloured them in - but the younger ones struggle with that, and I was really pleased with what they did.
"Jesus turns our crying into dancing" Psalm 30;11
I suspect I may use these Wilko people again sometime, for other creative activities.

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  1. Well done! They look and sound great! I do think it would be good to have a diecut for a person for this type of craft.


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