Wednesday, 10 October 2018

No Foot Too Small...

When I was five, my Mum gave birth to a little boy, who died within moments of delivery. She never really spoke about that child - but I know she carried the sadness in her heart for the next 30 years. On the day of her death, she talked of seeing her baby in heaven. I am so grateful to those who are making it possible for bereaved families to express their grief through initiatives like this
Richard, who was a housemate of Liz and Steph in their student days, experienced the loss of twins seven years ago. His wife had almost reached full term. It was utterly devastating. 
He has set up an amazing blog, to help others in a similar situation [here
He's also been nominated for an award, for his work as an 'Awareness Advocate' 
It is incredibly easy to say a thoughtless word which adds to the unseen pain of a bereaved parent. I am grateful for men like Richard who are speaking out like this, working hard to make the conversations easier.  
I'm voting for him - read his story here, and maybe you will feel able to vote for him too.

And look out for Baby Loss Awareness Week things happening where you are. Next Monday at 7pm in the UK, many people will be marking the Wave Of Light - this is a global event. Details here 


  1. I can imagine it must be devastating to lose a baby. People must just feel wretched.

  2. Our Church had a baby loss service yesterday and I supported my daughter through it (2 miscarriages πŸ˜”) by the end of the service there were 23 lit candles and butterflies (representing each baby lost) on the altar, many tears, loving support and hugs and a feeling of not being so alone. So thankful this is talked about now as it wasn’t until recently. There were older couples there too and I suspect this was a first chance to openly grieve for thear babies and hopefully begin to heal πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’–


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