Monday, 22 October 2018

The Rosy Pastor Arrives In Norfolk

No, Bob hasn't turned pink during our half term break at Cornerstones [in fact this chesty cough has left him looking pale and peaky] The Rosy Pastor is the popular name for the Rosy Starling - normally found in easternmost Europe and migrating each autumn to India and tropical Asia.
But this one has somehow gone off course, and settled in a back garden in Costessey, on the edge of Norwich. The home owner, Stephen Leake, spotted the unusual bird on October 7th and reported it to the RSPB, along with his postcode [thinking that was for the RSPB recording purposes] He was surprised therefore to see crowds of birdwatchers lurking in the street outside his house. 
Over 150 have turned up thus far - and this generous man has welcomed them into his lounge, with their binoculars, so they can get a better view of this avian adventurer 
These birds have an omnivorous diet, including fruits, berries and cereal grains but they prefer insects. Their song is a mixture of squeaks and rattles delivered with much wing trembling. I'd love to observe that. 
Mr Leake is a teacher [his half term has just got rather busier I suspect] He says the visiting twitchers were "quite wowed by [the bird]... One woman even welled up" 
Apparently this 'flying visit' could last until spring. Mr Leake will have to stock up on birdseed. 
In Xinjiang, China, the farmers keep flocks of Rosy Pastors which feed on the locusts that destroy the cereal crops. This has greatly reduced the farmers' use of chemical insecticide, which must surely be a good thing. 
Now the weather is turning colder, don't forget to replenish any bird feeders you may have in your gardens. 
Maybe you'll spot an unusual bird which has flown off course too!


  1. Nice man to let everyone in to his house. Don't thing I could ever be a twitcher - too much standing around waiting!

  2. I love birds! I love watching them. The house next door to ours have been declared a songbird sanctuary and I love listening to them in the early morning. These birds in your photos are so pretty -- nice pictures!


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