Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Fun In The Futility Room

Although we don't want to spend all our Half term Break on 'house jobs', there are a few things we hope to achieve. On Saturday whilst I was busy going to the optician to get my glasses fixed because the screw fell out and the arm fell off [thankyou Emma @Vision Express, Dereham] Bob was working hard to put up shelves and fix the under-cabinet lighting. It looks lovely!
On Monday morning we went into Norwich [I'd a preordered book to collect from Jarrolds and Bob wanted some fixings from Thorns] We strolled down St Benedicts Street - more hipster by the day g and I went to look in the Red Cross shop at the end. There was a picture propped up in the entranceway. It was greys and blues and had exactly the right feel for my newly decorated room.
And it was only £2.99. When we got it home, I saw the original price label on the back. £80, can you believe it? I looked up Chiu Tak Hak. He's a Chinese artist who moved to Paris in 1972. His style combines realism with expressionism. And you can still buy a new print like this - for over £100.
When we got home, Bob put the picture up for me next to the chalkboard. 
It looks just right. Sharp eyed readers may spot the first item on the board is "fix the decking"  It started to sag in August.
When we left, I'd put warning signs up as we family members were staying here after us. The damage has got much worse. Some of the supports of the decking have rotted away. It was very poorly erected in the first place.
Bob spent time removing rotting wood and temporarily propping things up.Not good at all
Some rather rotten planks. We're now researching what to do next. The decking is important because when the previous owners extended the property, there was quite a drop from the new back door down to ground level.
At the moment, safety is the priority, especially with Rosie coming next weekend! 
I've done some gardening and cut back the rosemary and lavender - and I'm drying them. 
And I pruned my 3 roses bushes - just one bloom left. 
No more roses till next summer - but just for those of you who remember the 70s...


  1. What a beautiful picture, quite a find!

  2. I should go out and prune our spindly lavender plants. We haven't been able to get any of them to really bloom here. I miss the full bushes of our last little patch! I have very fond memories of watching my mother watch Nana!

  3. I saw Nana Mouskouri in concert many years ago and she was such an amazing performer - thank you for the video.

  4. How lovely that picture is! Bargain too!!


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