Friday, 12 October 2018

Make A Beeline For Manchester!

Every year in Greater Manchester there are more than 250 million car journeys made which are less than 1km long. That's the equivalent of a 15minute walk or 5minute cycle ride. And the authorities are determined to get more people out of cars and walking or pedalling their way around.
Having appointed a Walking and Cycling Commissioner - champion cyclist Chris Boardman - and tasked him with producing a report on city travel, "Beelines" is happening.
Taking inspiration from the Dutch, who know a thing or two about bikes, ambitious plans are underway 
Dedicated cycle lanes, more pedestrianised streets, safer junctions. 
You can read more here. I think this is excellent news, and I really hope the plans proceed smoothly and quickly.
What's really good is that other groups are coming on board with the authority's initiative. 
Liz has sent me a cartoon by Dave Walker. He's a keen cyclist and an Anglican - so the Diocese of Manchester  asked him for a cartoon showing their backing for the Beelines. Manchester, cycling, church - my daughter knows that ticks the boxes for me!
Perhaps I should pin this up at UCF [yes we do already have a bike rack, and quite a few of us cycle to church]
Update; very sorry to discover that although the new Bloomberg HQ in London has just scooped the top architecture prize, cited as "the world's most sustainable office", the building actually has a policy of not allowing bicycle couriers at their deliveries entrance [despite having extensive bicycle racks available to staff who work there] 


  1. I think my "brilliant idea" for the bottom of the poster would be to find out if anyone in the congregation would offer advice and help with bike repairs.

  2. My church is right downtown in the Entertainment district and there are bike lanes all around us - just wish more of the cyclists would stick to them instead of invading the sidewalks! We do have a bike rack set up and many of our members do bike to church as they live in condos in the neighbourhood.

  3. They are trying to encourage more cycling, here, too, with varying degrees of success.


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