Thursday, 17 July 2008

1950's Housewife

stepsaving kitchenIf you have 10 minutes, check out this amazing little film!Step Saving Kitchen which I found via a link on to Jenny Wren, on Lynns blog.

[I hope the link will work if you click on the picture]

This is obviously where my housekeeping is going wrong - I do not have a 'Planning Station', or a cupboard dispensing 40lb [!] of flour into a bin - or a container of tea 'over the range'. How times have changed.

I did like her useful little rack inside the door for holding a cookery book - until I realised that being under 5' tall, this just wouldn't work for me - my cupboards are too high.

We have had a really busy Thursday. Getting ready for Sunday and Holiday Club, and taking an OAP service. Now Bob is out again, sorting out PA for someone. The local Anglicans had some sheets of copper nicked off their roof - and the rain got in and baptised their sound system.

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