Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Still sneezing!

The cold seems to be getting worse before it gets better. We took Steph to the station yesterday then had a potter round the Loros Bookshop and then another round Borders. Looked at lots of books but resisted temptation to buy them all! Got home and continued the great Fabric Sort.

Then Sam from school came round with some deliveries. She was thrilled with her little toad, and said the toddler who'd been visiting them with his parents spent all weekend playing with it! She brought me some gifts and cards from children in her class, plus my Book People Order.

usborne 365

The BP rep comes into school regularly, and this book was one which a number of us ordered. It cost £3 instead of £13 - you can still order it from the Book People website [though it will cost a bit more now] It is fabulous - full of loads of brilliant, workable ideas which I shall be able to use in the classroom and Sunday School.


They are clearly explained and easy to implement. Definitely a good purchase! When we came back from the Baptist Assembly ispoonsn May, and stopped at the Catering Equipment Sale, I picked up a really cheap pack of wooden spoons. Ideas 330-332 involve turning these into people and animals.

I KNEW I would find a good crafty use for them!

Idea 25 Involves making a 'sporty garland' - and that's one idea which may make it into this year's Holiday Bible Club activities. The rest of the week is going to be spent in finalising all the Craft stuff for that. Bob's busy sorting all the registrations. Numbers looking good so far...


  1. The book "365 Things To Make and Do" looks great! Our budget for craft supplies has been cut so anything we make in CCD (Sunday School) comes out of our pocket. Are the crafts in the book easy and cheap to make?

  2. Yes! lots of ideas using recycled scraps and bits and pieces - something I really approve of.


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