Saturday, 26 July 2008

Having a Capital Time

Just back from a wonderful 24 hours with the girls [and boys!] in London. After a very hot journey down,i arrived at Liz's flat simultaneously with Jon, who took me in and gave me chilled elderflower cordial [bliss!] Liz got in from work, then Jon left for his appointment and she and I walked round to Ev which is part of the Tas chainev_logo. Mark and Steph were there already and we had a fabulous meal, surprisingly good value, with a meze of all sorts of amazing dishes with bulgur wheat, chickpeas, aubergines, peppers, mint, garlic, oil, tabbouleh, haricot beans, falafel, salmon,lamb... wonderful flavours and textures.

I gave Steph the new sleeping bag and she gave me the old one, plus a T shirt and some books - Mark donated a bottle of Budweiser. The new job seems to be going well - although there does seem to be lots of free beer involved. Next weekend the two of them are off canoeing in Sweden.

Liz and I strolled back, and got up early this morning to go to IM002702 Borough Market. The fruit and veg and other produce there are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. We did not have breakfast - simply because you can graze on free samples and get your calories that way. People are offering you breads and oils, and brownies, and bits of ham or cheese, or olives, or pate, or chutneys - anIM002699d little cups of cordials and juices and tiny pots of muesli - it is great. There are lots of stalls offering interesting breads - I got a potato bread to bring home, and Liz picked up a rosemary one for our lunch.IM002703 








They seem used to people taking photographs and 'strike a pose' at the drop of a hat!



My loaf came from the guy with the 'bread not bombs' apron!

Liz also bought some mushroom pate for lunch and I got some French yogurts in little glass jars to bring home. I was reluctant to buy too much, because I felt that in the heat of the car,

many fresh things might spoil.

She also got some wonderful eggs with blue shells. I didn't buy any of theIM002701

syrups - but had to take a picture of this one - it is Candyfloss Flavour - but in France, candyfloss is called "Barbe a Papa" - grandfather's beard! These biscuits were splendid too - I specially liked the 'owl' shortbread.

Round the corner, by the back of the Market, was a lady selling French Patisserie, and her stall was breathtaking too.

However everything was very expensive, and horrendously fattening.



I can understand why the place is so popular with all the wealthy, professional, 'foodie' types - although we didn't actually see anyone this morning [apparently Nigel Slater goes most weeks] There are lots of meat and game stalls - I was concerned about the one selling 'baby haggis' I asked Liz if it was right that these creatures should IM002707be taken away from their mothers whilst they are still so young!

Many of the stalls are run by French folk - but the Ostrich Meat stall is from Nottinghamshire, up near Jon's family home.

There was also an Italian stallIM002709 claiming its produce was all made by Monks and Nuns - though the vendors didn't seem to have any particularly noticeable habits.

As we left the market, I display of jewel-like soft fruits caught my attention, all from Kent.

IM002711 But reason prevailed, and I knew they would be a soggy mess when I got them back to Kirby, so I left them and just took their picture! We walked back and cut through the Shopping Centre at Elephant and Castle - the opposite end of the retail trade, with Iceland, Tesco's, Peacock's and a Pound Shop!

Here's Liz's Blue EggsIM002712 from Clarence Court - wherever that is! She says they have rich golden yolks, and a great flavour - particularly good when scrambled. They are stamped with blue crowns, not little red lions!

I bought two other things - a couple of beakers in the poundshop.

They were only 39p each and they are Dead Ringers for the Cath Kidston Blue Spot Range [£14 for four]

This I considered to be an excellent bargain!


IM002713 ck star beaker £14

Above - the CK beakers, to the left, my £shop ones! In the background of my photo you can see the wonderful new fence panels Pete fitted this week. The garden is looking really good [if you ignore the stack of old fence panels on the lawn!]

After a splendid lunch with Liz and Jon, I drove back - very hot and sticky up the M1. We had our meal, then we practised the Dave Godfrey action songs for tomorrow. That was utterly exhausting - I am sure Bob was right to use this DVD - but the physical requirements are phenomenal - the box should carry a health warning! Bob spent some of last night learning the songs - so he is better than I am - but even more exhausted therefore.

I've unloaded the stuff from the car - including a half-built theremin from Jon, a Unicef T-shirt from Steph, Mark's Budweiser, various books the girls had feels like Christmas! Now I shall collapse in front of the TV and watch Foyle's War.

Thanks, kids, for a lovely break!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time! We have a farmers market here and the Amish bring such great items. :)

  2. I should SO love to go to an Amish market - "Witness" is oneof my all time favourite films!

  3. That was a good movie! Yeah, we have several Amish markets here. The Amish arrived in this area from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the 1930’s and to date there are approximately 350 families. At last count there were close to 3,000 Amish and almost 2,000 Mennonites as well.


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