Monday, 28 July 2008

One down, six to go!

logo1 Day one of holiday bible club has gone REALLY well! I cannot speak highly enough of the incredibly committed team who were arriving from 8 am onwards to set up and prepare stuff.

The kids enjoyed themselves and everything worked! Rose and Sarah, 2 of the young people had plan a great aerobics warm-up session, and the kids seemed to pick up the Dave Godfrey songs really quickly. Read Bob's blog for his thoughts on Boing!Boing!

Our attempt to take photos of nearly 100 children inside 45minutes actually worked [they have been decorating frames which they will take home on Friday] After we finished, Jan remembered that I'd made a lollipop saying "Champion's Challenge 2008" which the children were supposed to hold for their photo. It is still languishing in the Church Office. Never mind!

We ended up being 7 for lunch, instead of 3 - but as there had been a BOGOF on fish fingers, we had enough food - and I lent out spare T-shirts - there are now 6 holiday club staff shirts on the line, drying in the blistering heat!

Nick and I 'walked' the bbq to church, ready for Thursday night and now he and Bob are taking the remaining fence rubble to the tip [our neighbours took the first half yesterday morning while we were at church]

We have a prayer wall every year in Holiday Bible Club - and the kids write their prayers on appropriate shapes [last year it was bananas, this year, tennis balls] I am always interested in what children want to mention in their prayers. Lots of the usual [thank you for family, holiday club, pets, food - and please help Grandad who is poorly] but today some unexpected ones;

thank you for bed

thank you for sugar

help the people with the fire in Weston-Super-Mare

Children don't usually like going to bed, especially on light summer evenings. Why sugar? I checked out thewsm pier W-S-M reference on the BBC newspage, and apparently the pier has burned down, which is sad. I don't think I've ever been to W-S-M.

Its almost three years since Southend Pier went up in flames, and five since Brighton lost its West Pier.  I am a southern girl and they  are the piers of my childhood! There is an official National Piers Society founded by John Betjeman [who else?] whose website is full of wonderful facts. Perhaps I should try and get to all the others before they burn down too!

Bob and Nick are back - time to go out again!

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  1. I'm so glad that your Holiday Bible Club is going well. Ours is too! :)


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