Friday, 25 July 2008

Philippians 1:6

IM002696 Really busy trying to tie up loose ends before I dash down to London for the evening to see the girls. Whilst doing my fabric sort the other week,I came across a tiny scrap less than 10 cm sq. with Bart chalking "I will finish what I start..." Decided I ought to frame it for my friend Lesley - so I have done this and put those lovely verses from Philippians on the back, in recognition of her Finish summer.

Also managed to alter a skirt for a friend and make a cushionIM002697 for Liz. The fabric is a remnant of Orla Kiely curtaining, which was left over from some display or other at The Tate. That worked its way to the top of the pile when I was sorting out the fabric too.I had a cushion pad in the loft already, so sewed it up the other evening. I am , as usual, ridiculously thrilled to have produced something pleasing for virtually nothing. OK cushions cost upwards of £50 in the shops!

IM002695 Holiday Bible Club stuff is sorted as much as I can - took all the crafts down yesterday to the church. Couldn't have got another thing into the car!

How come one week's club, 2 hours per day needs all this - and two week's camping holiday in Ireland on a motorbike needs so little?

When we went to France in 2006, I kept a journal, and then had just one copy published via Lulu as a gift for Bob [that was before I began blogging] No end of folk in the church have borrowed it to read, and some have even got their own copies! Yesterday the ladies at the Coffee Drop In asked if I'd be writing a book this year.

My overlocker machine has been delivered by the courier, having had its service etc at Bambers - but I don't think I should unpack it and do any sewing just now, that can wait a day or two.

Everybody is being really helpful and offering all sorts of ways to lighten the load for Bob and me, as we prepare for the Holiday Club.

gal6 2 gnbIt reminds me of Annie Vallotton's lovely illustration for Galatians 6:2 in the Good News Bible - each person helping the one in front!

I think the blog will be a bit neglected for a while - I shall be very occupied with other things. Not to mention jumping up and down going "Boing Boing Boing!" - which is one of the Dave Godfrey songs Bob wants us to sing next week. Lack of musicians means reorganising the music, so we are using one of DG's DVDs. This should go down well with the kids from my school at least, as they know Dave from the Number Fun Day back in April.

You can tell things are hectic round here - I have completely lost touch with goings-on in Ambridge - a friend's email referred to how awful Emma was being, and it meant nothing to me! Only ten days to the holiday. Hallelujah!

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  1. Good luck with your Holiday Club! We are having our Vacation Bible School the same week so both of us will be rather busy. :)


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