Friday, 18 July 2008

Darn it!

Bob is relaxing, watching a programme recorded earlier in the week, of Euan MacGregor and Charlie Boorman's Motorbike adventure. One of Bob's motorcycle socks has a hole.IM002683-1

So, being a good little housewife [and wearing the wonderful t-shirt Liz gave me for my birthday, I have assembled all my proper darning equipment in order to fix the hole.IM002684-1

I just love having my own real vintage darning mushroom - and a skein of Chadwick's darning wool. Most socks these days are not worth darning, but the m/c ones are

heavier, and Bob will need them for the holiday.


I am pleased with the darn which has come up beautifully even and smooth. In fact it has turned out so well, it is hard to photograph it!

The first time I ever darned socks for Bob was Monday 24th September 1978. It was two days after we got officially engaged, and I darned all the socks he possessed - 27 of them, and every one was holey!

Love can drive us to do amazing things!


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