Saturday, 19 July 2008

Where has the time gone?

Today we went to a friend's 60th birthday party [got another one to go to in 2 weeks time!] The weather alternated between sun and rain, so we kept diving under gazebos. It was fun talking to friends and catching up with news of their families who are graduating, marrying, buying homes, having babies...IMG_1110 It's just 3 years since Steph's graduation.

The weather was beautifully hot and sunny that day.

Last night I was searching for something and came across a page ripped from a diary. Back in the last millennium, in the days before blogging, I tried more than once to keep a diary. I threw them all out in a decluttering purge at one point - but I had kept this final page from one I wrote twenty years ago. It amused me to re-read it yesterday - and also cheered me to realise how the girls have grown up into such lovely young women. At the time Liz would have been 6, and Steph 4 - and I have no idea which jumper was referred to!

"Wednesday July 6th, 19988 - Being a mother is exhausting!Elizabeth is Totally Tudor - she always seems to be Good [?] Queen Bess, whilst Stephanie is Cook, Mary Tudor, or "The Spanish". Stephanie is frequently beheaded.

Left to herself, Stephanie inveigles me into playing Weddings, Babies,or Parties. I get the role of Pastor, Midwife & Waitress [she is Bride, Mother & Hostess]

I have decided to finish off the jumper I began on holiday last year, if I can. [2 weeks involvement per annum means I'll finish it in 1991 - perhaps!]"


  1. I keep a travel journal. You better do that too so we can find out what you do on your Ireland motorbike tour!!!!! :)

  2. When we went to France I kept a journal- then had it published in book form by Lulu press as a gift for Bob!

  3. Hi Angela,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment.
    The picture is Kenilworth Castle. Flickr tells me it is is Warwickshire, England. Is it the one you were thinking of?
    I think it is amazing.

    I'm so happy to have met you.

  4. Great idea for a present for Bob! :)


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